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Advantages of HID xenon kit:
1),HID lamp:energy saving,
2),HID lamp:Super brightness,
3),HID lamp:good color temperature,

HID xenon kit:

 1) Long life: life time is more than 3000 hours, which is 8 to 10 times longer than traditional halogen lamp and greatly exceeds the total hours of the auto travel at night during its life time!

 2) Energy saving: 35w power greatly reduces the load electricity and saves 50% power, and it consumes less oil.

 3) Super brightness: brightness is increased by 300%, which lights up wider road, brings brighter vision and let you travel securer.

 4) Good color: the color temperature is from 3000K to 30000K. The color is closed to the noon day sunlight, blue diamond white, which is the most comfortable and acceptable to your eyes and can effectively reduce your visual fatigue and increase the security.

 5) Easy installation: xenon lamp user only needs to insert the original lights hole, fix electronic ballast and connect them with the power line and other connectors. Please do not change the original part of the vehicle.

 6) Dunking in the water or water inside will not cause the blowout. When the accidents occur, the perceptive circuit in the ballast will cut off the high voltage immediately to protect the user. The high isolation wire and the design of the anti-electromagnetic interference get your worry far away.


Voltage input range:

9 to 16V DC

Rated voltage input:

12V DC

Rated current input:


Output power:


Working temperature:

-40 to +105 degree

Life hours:

more than 3000h

Color temperature:

3000K to 30000K, purple, dark blue, pink

Kit contents:
1) 2 pcs ballasts
2) 2 pcs bulbs
3)2 pcs brackets and some screws
4) 1 pc manual for installation

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